Steroids Delivery

Your order will be satisfied after the receipt of your payment on our account(After payment, please send confirmation to with payment printscreen). Please, specify the order ID as variable symbol (no other verbal data). Order ID and other necessary data for payment transfer will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after the acceptance of your order. 

The goods shall be delivered within 7 - 14 days after the receipt of payment. The price of postal and packing charges is specified in the order. The maximum package weight is aroung 4.5 kg. All extra stuff would be treated as an additional package.

DO NOT MISS: Each customer will be automatically noticed with the payment acceptance as well as the goods shipment via e-mail. 
After payment, please send confirmation to 
Availability product in your order will be confirmed!
Pleas send your purchase order number and attach your payment printscreen on email.
- To file proper data use diacritical points;
- We dont replay the e-mails of nature as follows: "When the goods will delivered?", "When I can await the goods?", etc;
- We are not responsible for the repudiate consigment (consigment will be saved at post-office 18 days);
- Our responsibility finished by the goods shipment;
- Repudiate and returnerd consigments ARE NOT DISPATCHED AGAIN!

- the order could be recalled within 2 hours from its submitting. After the elapse of specified time it is impossible to recall the order (definite order)!

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